Thursday, August 9, 2018

August 6th 2018,  Kyabje Ugyen Choephel Rinpoche's birthday was celebrated around the world. Here are some of nice shots of the birthday celebration happy moments.

Long life chanting for Rinpoche

 Birthday Celebration at Tawang, India

 Birthday Celebration for Rinpoche at Malaysia, Ipoh - Perak

Birthday celebration for Rinpoche at Malaysia, Sungai Petani - Kedah

Birthday Celebration for Rinpoche at Vietnam, Hanoi

May Kyabje Ugyen Choephel Rinpoche long life, healthy and happiness always around. May Rinpoche peerless and undiminished dharma wisdom always spread and shine on all sentient beings. 

Children sing Happy Birthday song for Rinpoche.... Happy birthday to you.....Happy birthday to you....

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